Steps for Solemnisation

Steps and procedures for Marriage Solemnization by John Louis

Decide on a place, date and time for solemnization, then go to, the website for the Singapore Registry of Marriages, 7 Canning Rise, Singapore 17869. Please note that at least one of the two people getting married must have been in Singapore for a minimum of 15 days before he or she may file a notice of marriage. This rule applies to all regardless of citizenship.


1: Look through ‘List of Licensed Solemnizers’ at

2: Select “John Louis” as your Solemnizer (unless you prefer to select someone else, in which case, you can follow these same instructions but make sure you contact the Solemnizer ahead of time)

3: Get a copy of the invitation form from the section: “How do I go about registering with ROM and booking a Solemnizer, Date, Time and Venue” in Option 1 Answer to FAQs of ‘Solemnization date, Time, Venue’ at Marriage Information – refer to - Download and print the ‘Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage’ and ‘Checklist’

4: Obtain the Solemnizer’s consent. This will be done by having John Louis sign the said form (via fax or meeting up face to face.)

5a: File Notice of Marriage at at least 25 days of solemnization date. Go to, click “Services”, and “File Notice of Marriage”; at step 1, read and understand the conditions, then click ‘agree’ before you can go to the next step, and so on until all relevant data are keyed in 5b as follows.

5b: During filing, you have to submit the Solemnizer’s name (John Louis) and License Number, date/time/venue of solemnization as well as details of NRIC or passport for the bride, bridegroom, and two witnesses. You would have received this information when John Louis signed the form. Credit card details are also required for payment purposes. The fee is for the ROM, not the Solemnizer.

5c: At the end of filing, print and read the ‘Important Instructions’ as well as your receipt number before exiting the system.

5d: Both people getting married must go to the ROM on the day and time allotted (usually 3-4 working days before Solemnisation) to do the Statutory Declaration, verification of documents (original NRIC/passport and photocopy of the 2 witnesses’ NRIC/Passport). They must also bring along the Solemnizer’s signed form, after which the couple must collect their marriage documents. Please abide by the scheduled appointment. If not, ROM may not be able to grant approval for Solemnization.

6: Check Filing Status. Please use “Search for marriage Applications” to check if your application is successful. If your application is successful, you should reconfirm with John Louis the specified time and place. Then both of you are required to come to the specified location at the agreed upon time and bring the required documents and administration of Statutory Declaration. You are required to bring along all relevant documents and these must be originals or the certified true copies.

7: Witness for solemnization. Anyone above the age of 21 years old may be your solemnization witnesses. They can be your parents, friends, colleagues and/or relatives. Your witnesses will sign on the Marriage Register, which will be mailed to and kept by ROM.

8: Certified Interpreters. If you or your witnesses are not conversant with the English language, please make personal arrangements for a Certified Interpreter to be present for Solemnization. Please check in the ROM website for a list of certified interpreters – do not rely on your own interpreter.

9: On the day of solemnization, the following documents are required:

a)     Marriage License

b)     Proof of Identity of Bride-to-be

c)     Proof of Identity of Bridegroom-to-be

d)     Two witnesses and verification of their status and identity

The above data will be entries appearing on the Certificate of Marriage (COM).

10: After all parties have signed the Com, the original copy is to be put into a self addressed envelope (provided by ROM when the documents are collected as per 5c), and given to the Solemniser. Copy of the COM duly signed will be given to the newly pronounced married couple for the retention.